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Falco Darkness 1.0

The app is a an epic game in which you will be assigned to certain missions
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Falco Darkness is a an epic game in which you will be assigned to certain missions aimed at destroying evil. To accomplish your missions, you will have to follow the instructions of your mentor, an old and ugly-looking man. For every mission, you will have a certain amount of lives and you will be given points for completing them.

The game is full of witty dialogues between your mentor and other characters, through which you will know what to do next. In some dialogues, you can even select your answer from a series of options and this will determine the course of the game. The dialogues are extensive, informative, and some of them even funny. From time to time, lots of power-ups will appear on the screen, which can help you complete your tasks more easily. The game offers only one mode and no customization options whatsoever. Graphics are simple but attractive, and, sadly, there are no sounds or music.

In short, if you are looking for a nice and enjoyable epic game to pass the time, Falco Darkness may work for you.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Great dialogues in which you can select the answers
  • Strange missions
  • Free


  • Simple graphics
  • No sounds or music
  • No customization options
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